IgnacePractice Areas: Property Law, Insurance Law, Financial Law, Transport Law, Mining Law, Labor Law, Public Finance and Tax Decentralization Law, Tax Law And general commercial and corporate law.

Moreover, Me Ignace MUAMBA practices litigation and arbitration.

After studying economics and social law, Mr. Ignace is appointed to the University of « Notre Dame du Kasaï", in capacité of fellow lecturer. He is pursuing a Master studies in business Law at the University of Kinshasa (R.D.Congo) since 2015.

Maître Ignace MUAMBA is an associate of the law firm Tshibangu Ilunga & Partners SCA (www.tshibangulegal.com), a law firm complying with the British and American anti-corruption laws: UK Bribery Act (UKBA) of 8 April 2010 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of 1977.

His acute analysis of the theory and the rule of law coupled with the mastery of judicial practice are recognized as a contribution of a wise mind that one needs to have with on board rather than against oneself and constitutes for him one of the Important assets in the world of Congolese lawyers.

He combines speedy service with the respect of the Law in the course of advices to safeguard the interests of the clients. Mr. Ignace avails to clientele a strict observation of ethical rules.

Mr. Ignace does not divest himself of the human dimension in his professional relationship with clients, so that the interests of clients are, all times handled in accordance with applicable laws, procedures and ethical rules.


Degree: Master (Bac + 5) 2009 - 2010 (U.KA)
Admission to the Bar: 2010
Position: Associate
Languages: French (excellent), English (medium), Lingala, Tshiluba.

Continuing Education in Law

  • 28 - 30 October 2013: Attending the scientific seminar on "The promotion of human rights, a guarantee of sustainable development", organized by U.KA in collaboration with the Unesco Chair of the University of Bergamo ;
  • 30 - 31 May 2014: Attending the scientific seminar "Perspectives on the Challenges of Development and Implementation of Human Rights in the DRC", organized by the U.KA in collaboration with the Unesco Chair of The University of Bergamo;
  • 29 - 31 October 2015: Attending seminar "Human Rights and Human Security in R & D", organized by U.KA in collaboration with the Unesco Chair of the University of Bergamo;
  • From 21 to 22 December 2015: Attending the scientific seminar "Human Rights and Good Governance in R & D", organized by U.KA in collaboration with the Unesco Chair of the University of Bergamo;
  • 15 - 16 April 2013: joint Workshop Provincial Government, Provincial Assembly, The Police, The RRSSJ on Implementation of the Edit N ° 13 / K.Occ / 2012 of 12 July 2012 Regulation Barriers on the extent of Western Kasai;
  • 06 - 09 February 2013: the Methodology of Research-Action on the Treatment of Sexual Violence Based on Gender and Other Security Aspects, by the External Accountability Component / DAI / Kasaï Occidental.
  • 04 - 12 March 2013: Training on Ethics, exceptions in criminal and civil matters and the problem of preventive detention; Organized by the Kananga Bar Association in partnership with PARJ.
  • 15 - 19 February 2013: Training on Advocacy, organized by SSAPR / DAI Kasaï Occidental.
  • 02 - 05 January 20013: Training on Monitoring, organized by SSAPR / DAI Kasaï Occi-dental.
  • 05 - 08 September 2012: National Workshop on Security Sector Reform in the DRC. Organized by the Ministry of Internal affairs in Kinshasa.
  • 03 - 05 October 2011: Training of security observers before, during and after the elections and related issues of November 2011 with DAI.
  • 20 - 26 November 2011: Training of the civil servants of the local centers of compilation of the results of the presidential and legislative elections in Kananga (Kasai Occidental).
  • 7 - 9 October 2010: Workshop on the study of local security and justice systems in the province of Western Kasaï, organized by the NCR J


  • April-June 2008: Mr. Ignace MUAMBA performed his internship at the Military Prosecutor’s office in Kananga.
  • May-July 2010: Mr. Ignace had to practice his internship at the revenue Administration (DGRAD) of the Province of Kasaï Occidental.


Mr. Ignace MUAMBA has to published:

  • "The Reform of Congolese Justice and the the Rule of Law", In Revue de l'U.KA, Vol.2, No.4, November 2014.
  • "Gross negligence as valid ground for unilateral termination of the work contract in Congolese context ", in Revue de l'U.KA, Vol.3, No 5 May 2015
  • The issue of the preparation of the budgets of the provinces in the DRC with regard to the constitutional provisions of article 171 of the Constitution of the 18 of February 2006. Case of the Province of the West Kasaï (TFC in 2008).
  • Critical appraisal of fiscal decentralization as a means of effective local economic development in the DRC. Case of the Province of Western Kasai (Brief in 2010).