Agricultural law

Team managers : Mr. Patrick N’TSHILA & Mrs. Anna TSHALA

The DR Congo, likewise the Congo-Brazzaville, has one of the most coveted agricultural potentials in the world. There are several million arable lands in these two countries which are watered by rains during the rainy season, which rains never end as the DR Congo is crossed in its northern part by the equator and in the south by the Tropic of Capricorn so that the period of drought is compensated by the rains in the other hemisphere. 

The Congo River basin, which is shared by the two Congos, is such a fertile area that it is coveted by most agricultural enterprises. This shows the importance of the agricultural potential of these two countries.

The DR Congo, as well as Congo-Brazzaville have agricultural legislations that should be known by potential investors, especially for extensive agriculture.

TI&A sca has a team of experienced lawyers skilled in agricultural law. They advise and represent clients in the application procedures for agricultural land, follow up the processing of applications, collecting licenses and relevant documents. When necessary, TI&A is active in defending its clients in agricultural litigation, which is essentially administrative.

TI&A's experience is of great benefit to its customers, especially in the short time it takes to obtain documents and licenses.