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TI&A sca is a law firm, comprising of Mining & Quarrying Attorneys, IP Attorneys and Tax litigation Specialists.

It is based in Kinshasa with representations throughout the OHADA African french speaking region, mainly focused on business law, with particular skills in Mining Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, Maritime & Admiralty law, in Employment Law, in Telecommunications, in Banking Law and so on.…

The economy of the African continent is mainly based on the extracting and mining industry. The DR Congo offers the largest range of minerals (gold, diamonds, cobalt, coltan, tantalum, olframite, copper, tin, coal, oil, etc…). You need to make sure that you’ve got sound advice for accessing successfully this jurisdiction, a crucial step for conducting business as well as for acquisitions and mergers, incorporating your companies, subsidiaries and registration, of branches, managing labour and employment disputes, forming and advising telecommunication companies, banks, air or land transport companies, the construction industry (hydroelectric dumps, railway construction, roads and bridges) etc...

The Firm’s experience in serving clients that is the primary focus of its practice in all aspects of their business has attracted a variety of clients. The Firm has been able to successfully adapt its skill sets to a variety of business needs.

Most of its clients at TI&A sca are satisfied with the most advanced and cutting edge legal and tax advice offered.

We welcome new challenges!

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Tshibangu Ilunga & Partners SCA We provide legal services from four key locations covering 17 French speaking countries in Africa:

  • Abidjan in Ivory Cost: Bénin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Sénégal, Tchad and Togo;
  • Kinshasa & Brazzaville: Brazzaville & Pointe Noire, Cameroun, Gabon and Central African Republic;
  • Lubumbashi in DR Congo: Bukavu, Goma, Kolwezi et Likasi.

We operate in English and French in above mentioned jurisdictions.

Many of our lawyers and staff are also fluent in other languages spoken worldwide, including French, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) and Spanish. Obviously, we do speak African languages: Lingala, Swahili.

In Europe, America and Asia, we offer critical support in arbitration and litigation to local firms on the aspects of OHADA Law and applicable specific fields of law with regard matters operated in Africa (M&A, Mining law, Oil & Gas Law, International commercial Law,

In an international global market, we are offering a shape knowledge of African business Law to clients. To foreign law firms, we are a complementary partners for an utter assistance to clients on African aspects of law, upfront in the framework of investments due diligences as well as when comes the time for representing clients in courts or out courts.

We are one of leading firms handling high-profile deals in most Africa’s key industry growth sectors, offering exciting opportunities.

Our team

Our capabilities are backed up by a high skilled team of lawyers dedicated to African Law, comprising a multidisciplinary team handling transactions and litigation matters across the full range of industries and practices.

Our team is skilled for Africa’s corporate laws and brings expertise dealing with UEMOA, OHADA, CEMAC and other bodies of regional laws governing business in Africa.

Our lawyers make round tour between the offices of the firms locate on three sites managed by following persons:

  • Abidjan: Yves Y. K. D’ARRAH
  • Kinshasa-Brazza: Me Moïse OMAR K.
  • Lubumbashi: Me Richard BANZA