Team leaders : Mr. Benoît TSHIBANGU & Mr. Paul NAYABA

There is no need to stress the importance of oil in the world. The soil of the Democratic Republic of Congo is full of it, as is the soil of the Republic of Congo. Both countries being economies linked to the extractive industry, our firm advises, assists and represents investors in the application phase as well as in the follow-up phase of the licences on the blocks granted to the clients by the Government.

As for the environmental duties or obligations related to the oil sector, it is imperative for clients to be aware that it is a major factor that must be taken into account during the life of the licences. Our firm also assists in this area.

We have a team that is well versed in these matters and is waiting to assist you in your investments.

Finally, in the event of disputes arising from oil exploration and exploitation licences, we represent and assist clients in protecting their rights in courts or in arbitration.