Maritime & admiralty law

Team leaders : M. Benoît Tshibangu, M. Enid J. Mpeti & M. J.Claude Mulingenya

Congo-Brazzaville is a member of the CEMAC and is governed by the CEMAC Merchant Marine Code, while the DR Congo has its own autonomous maritime law which governs all maritime transport activities, the management of vessels in territorial waters, the beaching of vessels, and the settlement of disputes in the ports of the DR Congo.

TI&A sca offers great comfort to its clients in cases concerning the two maritime laws, not only for the DR Congo and the Republic of Congo, but also for all CEMAC countries as long as they are also members of OHADA.

Thus, TI&A sca has had to assist and represent (with the help of its collaboration in Pointe-Noire) many clients in almost desperate cases, notably in the enforcement of arbitral awards relating to maritime law disputes, notably in the London and Singapore arbitration. The accumulated experience benefits his clients who, according to him, are very often satisfied with the solutions to difficult cases brought to them by the members of TI&A sca.