Litigation and arbitration


When comes to the litigation, people might be aware that whatever is the file of a lawyer in DRC, his training prepares him to face litigation cases along his profession. However, the practice of litigation requires some qualities related to the case submitted to the expertise of the lawyer. However, basic principles of the litigation have to be part of the knowledge of lawyers in DRC. It is a mandatory provision of the training of lawyers in DRC.

Therefore, specific lawyers are in charge of cases consistent with their domain when comes the time to defend the interests of clients. Ultimately, the Firm lines up a litigation specialist with aside the lawyer whose field is at stake.


The arbitration with regard cases based on violation of DRC law requires involvement of DRC lawyers if parties are willing to get sound outcome. As a matter of fact, DRC law has got its particular distinctive principles. Since a litigation or arbitration case requires the combination of different parts and fields of law, it is highly recommended that a team of lawyers on the DRC law join foreign lawyers for the purposes to defend parties which interests are threatened on ground of agreements or contracts entered into in DRC or involving assets or mines or sites located in DRC or having any link with DRC law.