Business law

The firm has got abilities and skills to assist in the framework of business law as its main field. Therefore, for the assistance and advice of clientele in that field, the Firm provides multifunctional material and appropriate compliance to the public. Our team of business law of the firm is comprising of Dr. Gregoire Bakandeja wa Mpungu, PHD in economics law from the law school of the University of Paris VII, school of law and political science. Mr. Benoit Tshibangu Ilunga, bachelor degree - equivalent to the Master in DRC education system – who has worked a lot in the sector for the best of clients advising them in projects of magnitude with regard acquisitions, mergers, insolvency, release of assets and so on. The team is completed by Mr. Paul NAYABA LINUANA who is also member of the ruling staff of the Law Society of Kinshasa/Matete.

The business law in DRC includes:

  • Tax law,
  • Air Transportation law;
  • Transportation law;
  • Customs law;  
  • Intellectual Property law;
  • Investment law;
  • Labor law
  • Banking law;
  • Corporate law; 
  • Commercial law;
  • Telecommunication law (cellular, internet, landlines).