Patrick N'TSHILA, Esq.

PatrickPatrick N'TSHILA is an active Attorney at law. He is a Senior associate in the Firm of Tshibangu Ilunga & Partners.

He has enhanced up his expertise in litigation to a stage so as, when comes to matters involving the constitution, the administrative law and NGOs, his assistance is seek by clients. His experience has cumulated twenty years of practice in handling sensitive cases, at the extent involvement of the Government in the process of public tender, mining licences grant, requires particular attention to the scope of the acting authorities.


Degree: MA, 1995 (Unilu); BA, 1993 (Unilu)
Called to Bar: 1996 (ONA 0710).
Position: Senior Associate.
Languages: French (fluent), English (medium), Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba.
Practice areas: Administrative law, Constitutional law, liability Law, Contracts Law, Criminal Law, Enforcement of arbitral awards.

On top of above matters, Mr. Patrick N’Tshila practices litigation and arbitration


Master of Arts (Public Law), University of Lubumbashi. Afters successful graduation in law, Mr. Patrick N'TSHILA has pursued post graduate studied in Public Law. He is PhD student at the University of Kinshasa on the topic: "the problem of the absence of the National Observatory of Human Right in the Constitution of 18 February 2006."

Mr. N'TSHILA carries out researches at the University of Kinshasa under the theme: "Issue of the lack of a national observatory on human rights in the Constitution of 18 February 2006", for the purpose to obtain a PhD.

Lecturer, University of MbujiMayi.

Professional training

  • Kinshasa 06 - 10 June 2005: Certificate of training to techniques for formulating advices, evaluation of individual and collective complaints, structuring and assessment of projects.
  • Kinshasa 13 - 18 June 2005: Training certificate on legal instruments and mechanisms for the promotion and protection of Human Rights, the technical documentation of violations of Human Rights and Gender. Legal Adviser to the National Observatory for Human Rights,.
  • 2008: Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
  • 2009: Legal Adviser to the Vice-prime Minister in charge of security and defense, he has advised on the restructuring of the Congolese National Police , especially on the issue of integration of the police appointed to the office of the Prosecutor.
  • 2005: Expert at the Inter-institutional Commission responsible for the assessment of damage suffered by the DRC after the invasion and occupation of national territory by the Ugandan army for nearly 5 years (1998-2003) pursuant to the judgment in favor of the DRC by the International Court of Justice.

Attending seminars and conferences

21 March 2011: Briefing on the New York Convention and international arbitration held by the World Bank Office in Kinshasa. Login with Brussels by videoconference among other topics, "the importance of safety of contracts in the DRC and access to OHADA", held by Mr. Herman LEMAIRE specialist in commercial law;

Access to the OHADA and Congolese law "the problem of vulture funds: what can States do to protect themselves, international experience" held by Mrs Caroline VERBRUGGEN, expert in contracts law, mediation and international arbitration

Been selected as expert and accredited in capacity of national observer by UNDP for monitoring 2006 Presidential Elections in the DRC.

25 - 26 February 2008: Expert at the Justice commission of the Roundtable for reforming the security sector in the DRC. Kinshasa Expert to the sub-regional seminar on the reform of the security sector in Central Africa within ECCAS, 13- 15 January 2009 Has attended the 9th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva (Switzerland), 08-26 September 2008.


  • "The interafrican legal rules for disputes: a critical analysis of the mechanisms of the OAU" research for Bachelor Degree, University of Lubumbashi, 1994.
  • "Some Reflections on African uncertainties around the principle of the inviolability of borders in JUSTITIA Vol. 2 # 1 PUL, University of Lubumbashi, August 1999, pp. 137-147.