Contracts Law

Team leaders : Mr. Christian M. SOMAO & Mr. Benjamin T. MULANGU

Contracts are a key element to business, whether in M&A, in industry, in commerce or in mining etc… Contracts provide a means to show the agreement of parties by evidence in writing. They show the extent of the obligations of each party. It is therefore a matter of building up evidence for the future.

In our advices to our clients, we pinpoint and draw their attention the compliance with the local law, because a wrongly entered into commitment can badly impact their investments. 

Our team of experts is qualified and has recorded experience gained over the years in dealing with cases mainly relating to investments in the mining, quarrying and extraction sector.

We have audited contracts of magnitude for clients prior to clients enter into joint ventures with local business, notably in the mining sector. To prevent them from getting into trouble. Xe implement relief and remedial mechanisms for the confort of their contracts and their investments.  

The Contracts law includes contractual and even quasi-contractual liability. Hence the interest to pay attention in the conclusion of contracts.

Our team comprising experts in this field, such as: Mr. Christian SOMAO MUTEBA and Mr. Benjamin T. MULANGU.