Legal assessment of projects

The success of most sustainable projects of magnitude lays in an upfront and reliable assessment provided by lawyers skilled to meet the requirements of bankers, financiers, stock exchange companies and investors.

For that purposes, our team of business lawyers work closely with civil law lawyers to circumcise the legal concerns and disclose to clients before finding out the legal solutions for the best of the projects.
In this framework, the Firm lines up a team of lawyers from which clients can find suitable solutions likely to fix out their concerns and meet the prospective ambitions of the investors. All is done in compliance of the legal instruments and provides the expertise of lawyers fitting the desires of clients in the utter respect of confidentiality.

In that line, due diligences are carried out to check the compliance of the documents provided and procedures before acquisitions, mergers, release of assets and so on. After due diligence relevant advices are released to clients for the best of their projects and the safety of investments. So doing, clients and their investors are safely managed by our Firm.   

In this field, our Firm offers the services of Mr. Moïse O. Kanda, a holder of a bachelor degree in public law from the Protestant University of Congo (DRC) notably in banking where he has been advising foreign client for a project tending to set up a bank in the DRC. The team includes also Mr. Benoit Tshibangu Ilunga in view of his involvement into investment files. The legal assessment of projects is also done by Mr. Paul Nayaba Linuana. 

The legal assessment of project extends its range to:

  • Mining licenses;
  • Acquisitions;   
  • Corporate assets;  
  • Mergers;
  • Insolvency;
  • Investments projects;