Nadine MPWEKELA Lawyer-associate

Position: Associate Lawyer

Education: Master's degree (Bac+5) from Reverend KIM University

Capacity: Attorney at Law (Barrister); Mining/Quarry Attorney

Fields: Family law (in particular births, marriages, adoptions, inheritance, matrimonial regimes, divorces, etc...), gender protection against sexual violence and child protection, private and judicial law, law of obligations, contract law, criminal law.

Languages: English; French; Lingala; Tshiluba, Swahili

Experience: 2 years in 2023.

Mr. Mpwekela combines legal knowledge and strategies - proven by 2 years of practice in various sectors - to provide cutting-edge solutions to legal problems. In the field of law, arbitration and litigation, corporate law and bankruptcy, he intervenes in the DRC as well as in 17 countries of the OHADA.

In the field of private and judicial law, Nadine Mpwekela defends and assists her clients' cases in all the fields of law at the level of jurisdictions, she masters the criminal and administrative procedure.