Natural resources law

The economy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is mainly turned into natural resources prospection and exploitation. One knows quite well that natural resources contribute to the budget of the country for up to 80% of the incomes collected. Therefore, the law of natural resources is very important to the DRC. Many companies from abroad are keen to invest in the field of natural resources and the later are amongst the most important reserves of the world. That is the case for copper, cobalt, diamond, zinc, oil, forest and forestry, silver, tin etc…

In view of the importance of the mines in DRC, a new Mining Act –Mining Code) has been adopted and enacted by the DRC on 11 July 2002 with the aim to attract investors and specialists of the sector.

Our Firm practices the mining Law for the purposes to satisfy huge requests of the local and foreign clients. Given that the mining law and regulations are not so easy to understand for those who are not initiated.

The Firm lines up In this field a team of lawyers skilled to meet your requirements and to provide means and grounds likely to fix legal concerns likely to be raised during the application for mining rights or licenses. Same for the good standing of licenses and the legal duties to be fulfilled by the holder of license. In the line of mining law, the tax duties require lawyers’ services to satisfy legal requirements n compliance of laws and regulations since huge interests are at stake.  
Furthermore, the country contains the most important forest coverage after the Amazone in South America. This forest contains the most rare woods and is targeted as the reserve of the carbon certificates.

Our Firm offers the skills of Dr. Gregoire Bakandeja wa Mpungu, PHD in economics law from the law school of the University of Paris VII, school of law and political science. He teaches Mining law and other laws in the school of law of the University of Kinshasa - see publications-. It comprises also of Mr. Benoit Tshibangu Ilunga, holder of a bachelor degree - equivalent to the Master in DRC education system – who has worked a lot in the sector for the best of clients advising them with regard acquisition of licenses, the fulfillment of legal and environmental duties and tax duties. Please note that the Mining law provides for a special tax duties law within the framework of the mining. Then comes Mr. Paul Nayaba Linuana and Christian Beby Djo who have worked a lot In the field of natural resources law.

Natural resources law includes:

  • Mining law;  
  • Electric Energy Law;  
  • Oil law;    
  • Water law;