Telecommunication law

Team managers : M. Paul NAYABA & Hervé TSHIBANGU

Telecommunications law is so important that no country can do without it. The DR Congo, as well as Congo-Brazzaville, have autonomous legislations related to the telecommunications. These laws govern the application procedure,  the gran procedure, the telecommunications licenses, related management, the obligations of telecommunications companies to the State and to customers, and the maintenance of communications licenses.

Among the obligations of the beneficiary of licenses, they need to cover the national territory, the collaboration for the complementarity of the networks, the compatibility of the materials and their renewal, as well as the adaptation to new technologies etc...

TI&A sca has accumulated a magnitude experience in dealing with clients through advice and efficient representation at the different stages of the procedures.

When comes the time to represent clients in court, TI&A has seasoned and experienced lawyers for the benefit of its clients.

Many mergers and acquisitions have taken place in this sector. These have led to intense audits of the duties of the target companies, the height and value of the subscriptions contracted by the clients, the liabilities of the target companies towards the State and the administration, especially the tax and regulatory authorities, etc...