Banking law

Team leaders : Mr. Patrick N'Tshila & Mr. E.J. MPETI

Likewise in any bouillant economy, the banking sector is present in Congo-Kinshasa as in Congo-Brazzaville. Financial institutions are governed by very tough regulation on foreign exchange and local transactions, that should draw the attention of wise businessmen. In recent years, private banks have been set up, especially in DR Congo, where on top of those locally banks, the panafricain bank « ECOBANK » has also set foot in the forum, in Kinshasa and in Brazzaville.

In particular, the repatriation of dividends and payment of credits granted abroad by mining companies are governed by a profuse legislation that is amended often, so as if one don’t pay attention, can drive businesses to severe penalties.

TI&A sca has a trac record expertise in banking law. TI&A has assisted and represented several banks dealing M&A, as well as in the financing of local projects.