Insurance and reinsurance law

Team managers : Mr. Benoît TSHIBANGU & Mr. Jean Claude MULINGENYA

In today's bouillant world, economic activities of great importance must be carried out with the support of insurance, since no one can guarantee 100% the production, the transportation and delivery of their products. In order to cover all eventualities, economic activities rely on insurance to protect themselves against hazards and disasters, insofar as the risks are covered by insurance.

If the Republic of Congo is governed, as far as insurance and reinsurance are concerned, by the CIMA code with related regulations, the DR Congo has elaborated a rather abundant legislation for this field, contained in the insurance code set up by the law n°15/005 of 17 MARCH 2015 relating to the Insurance Code, with related regulations.

We note that for accessing the insurance operations, one needs to comply with the regulations and the applicable law. It is necessary, for this purpose, to meet a number of conditions to qualify for eligibility to practice insurance, before application of license approval.

TI&A sca has an experienced team in the insurance field and advises a multitude of companies operating in the mining and quarrying, as well as in the field of air transport. The team supports clients in selecting reliable brokers and guides them through the process of selecting the right type of insurance for their business. This team is well versed in the practice of insurance, based on profuse years of experience.